"When I was 10 I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I was found doing so. Now I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up"

C.S. Lewis

"Ahoy hoy, MiskatonicNick here welcoming you to...

... yes, this Halloween Toyville has risen from the grave with The Pumpkin Man, a little tale of Halloween nightmares (like that of Toyville returning!). Remember to keep checking my Flickr photostream for lots more Toyville & toy-related fun.

A little depository of various toy photos - a mix of dioramas, characters, customs etc. Frequently updated these days. Much more so than here!

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A heady brew of Questions & Answers, Toyville Shorts, Tales from the Clearance Bin, Xmas Specials and any other assorted stuff.

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A look into Toyville's dusty Development Hell where there lurks an assortment of half-finished tales, abandoned ideas and other lucky escapes for the readers!

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" themes of self-sacrifice and self-indulgence, anguish and ecstasy, diplomacy and deception, and religion and perdition. The complexities of character and plot are sometimes enigmatic, and names are often exhausting to recollect, but the genius is everlasting. The impressive dialog sparkles with humor and wit, and the vivid scenes of battle are riveting"... is how the Library Journal reviewed Tolstoy's War And Peace. Dark Days in Toyville, on the other hand, is an over-long excuse for puerile schoolboy humour, terrible old jokes and a paper-thin plot.

The Sequel they said couldn't and shouldn't be written! And boy, were they right!

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This is where it all started. Here you'll find all my old Famous Covers customs and a few others. Also handy custom FAQs and a Links section. Probably all needs a damned good updating... but don't we all?

A little corner of the web I've staked out to provide the largest on-line resource/museum dedicated to Havoc the 1970's spy gal doll... and it'll also be somewhere for my custom Havoc to play too.



30th October 2014

Beware this Halloween for The Pumpkin Man is lurking over in the Miscellany vault!

17th December 2012

This year's seasonal tale, A Christmas Attaction is under the Miscellany Xmas Tree

2nd December 2012

Beware; lurking in the Miscellany there's Something Nasty in the Lounge

30th October 2012

There's a Halloween Haunting of St Mego's over in the cobwebbed Miscellany vault

7th March 2012

Toyville suffers from slight Trouble with (Fashion) Royalty over in the Miscellany aisle

21st December 2011

Unwrap 2011's Toyville Christmas Special over in the Miscellany section

31st October 2011

The Toyville Halloween Special is back from the dead over in the Miscellany pages

29th May 2011

Seconds out, Round 2 of Toyville Fight Club dukes it out in the Miscellany section

6th March 2011

The Toyville Flickr galleries are opened up

20th December 2010

 Ho Ho Ho! Santa's delivered the 2010 Xmas Special down the Miscellany's chimney

30th October 2010

A 2010 Halloween Tale rises from the crypt over in the Miscellany graveyard

20th July 2010

The Toyville Fight Club is now open on the Miscellany section

2nd April 2010

Let's spend Easter with the Olsen Twins over on the Miscellany pages

18th March 2010

It's Miller Time at the Clearance Bin Bar over in the Miscellany section

13th February 2010

The House Sitters move into the Miscellany

2nd February 2010

A few Snapshots from one night at the Clearance Bin

15th October 2009

Added the Jac Diamond 'trailer' to The Stories That Never Were

14th October 2009

Opened a new section for The Stories That Never Were

15th September 2009

Darth Vader thinks he's caught A Rebel Spy over in the Miscellany section!

7th May 2009

Hannah Montana Exposed over in the Miscellany section!

23rd December 2008

A Christmas Shocker of a tale added to the Miscellany section

27th October 2008

Happy Halloween! The Tickle of Death added to the Miscellany section

10th April 2008

Time for a spot of Spring Cleaning - a new tale for the Miscellany section

3rd February 2008

Finally, more Toyville 3½! chapter 5, Bring Me The Mind of Miskatonicnick, added

19th December 2007

The 2007 Toyville Xmas Special - a tale of Christmas Doom!

30th October 2007

Toyville 3½ chapter 4 - Evil Unmasked - added

4th September 2007

Toyville 3½ chapter 3 - The Baghead, The Witch & The Winkie - added

8th August 2007

MWD's Rambling Ruby arrives in the Miscellany section

16th July 2007

Toyville 3½ continues in chapter 2, The Strange Affair of the Missing Muse.

21st June 2007

Toyville 3½ begins as the original, incomplete Toyville 3 fades away into the Miscellany

1st March 2007

The Beers of Toyville added the Miscellany section

20th December 2006

The 2006 Toyville Xmas Special added.

10th August 2006

Toyville 3, Chapter 2 added

19th June 2006

Toyville 3 begins!

17th June 2006

The Toygeek Memorandum added to the Miscellany section

16th February 2006

The Foreshadowing added to the Miscellany section

22nd December 2005

The Geek Who Saved Xmas - the 2005 Toyville Xmas Special

14th October 2005

Tales from the Clearance Bin #2 - The Odd Couple added

29th September 2005

Tales from the Clearance Bin #1 - The Perils of Linh Sugihara (9 page comic story)

8th August 2005

Toyville 2... finally FINISHED!

30th June 2005

Toyville 2, Chapter 8 released. Plus www.toyville.co.uk is now properly hosted

10th June 2005

Toyville 2, Chapter 7 finally added. Apologies for the delay.

31st March 2005

Added The Vengeance of Godzilla short story to the Miscellany section

24th February 2005

Added The T-Files short story to the Miscellany section

26th January 2005

Toyville 2, Chapter 6 added... also final page of Chapter 5 re-edited.

3rd October 2004

Toyville 2, Chapter 5 added.

30th August 2004

Toyville 2, Chapter 4 added. Also Havocdoll.co.uk opened.

25th July 2004

Toyville 2, Chapter 3 added.

13th July 2004

Toyville 2, Chapter 2 added.

9th June 2004

 Toyville 2 begins

26th April 2004

Added 'The Prize' short story to the Miscellany section


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