I bid you welcome to this, the first edition of The Toyville Playhouse - an ill-advised little strand where I try to prove there is more to my plots than a succession of recycled gags, sleazy innuendo and plastic pornography. For here, dear surfer, is a repository for tales of a dramatic nature... of thrills and chills... hey, stop hitting the 'back' button on your browser!

This is a tale inspired by Takara/BBI's 'Bloody Rose'... one of the XIXOX and a fitting adversary for the CyGirls.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin...

The Charon Occurance; a time of planetary alignment at the height solar flare activity.

It is an event that happens only once every few millenia...

... an event that brings out and delights the doom mongers, crackpots, and naysayers...

... an event that that inspires a sense of awe, wonder, excitement, unease, fear and/or terror the world over...

... though in a secret underground base, a research station for the shadowy protectorate know as Cardinal Garrison, somewhere in the mountains of eastern Asia those same feelings are being inspired in the newly arrived Agent Jade by something else entirely...





"ohmigod... I thought it was only a rumour...

... Doctor Angel... is it... is she... dead?"

"She ought be after what it took to bring her down... except she isn't; she's in somekind of statis"

"Then the stories about the XIXOX are true?...

"...she's beautiful..."



"But a lethal bitch of a killing machine; totally without morals, without fear, without mercy. I'm the only survivor out of the 25 agents who brought down that thing; it butchered them all... and enjoyed it!"

"Commander Isis... I'm sorry..."

"Just never forget that thing is our enemy, Jade; they exist merely to kill us and toy with humankind in manners too perverse and cruel to even contemplate."

"Yessir, ma'am"

"Doctor Angel, progress report?"

"We still haven't been able to isolate her regenerative genes, Commander. XIXOX DNA seems to be in a constant state of flux and evolution; it's like nothing we've ever seen before."

"In that case, orders from on high, Angel, the powers-that-be have tired of a lack of results from your scientific analysis - they want to know what makes XIXOX tick; they want it cut open."

"But Commander, I feel I'm close to..."

"No buts, Doctor Angel. Prepare the operating room. And Agent Jade, report back to barracks."


"Yessir, ma'am, Commander."

"And let me know when you're ready to operate, Doctor Angel, I want to be be there to see that thing opened up."

"Yes, Commander Isis."

"I'll be in the control room until then."

"Well, goodbye then..."


"OHMIGOD... She's awake! Commander! Doctor!"

"Kill it X-Borgs... kill it... please kill it!"

"Beginning XIXOX destruction process..."

 "Please stand back, Agent Jade - we will eliminate the threat"


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